Bugei-Ki-Ryu Ju-Jitsu

Brackley Dojo


Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art dating back over 800 years. It is a self-defence system which comprises strikes, holds, chokes and strangles, joint locks, kicks, throws and breakaway techniques. The name Ju-Jitsu ( gentle art) derives from two Japanese kanji or characters

The principle of Ju-Jitsu is to give way to attackers by deflecting their force and using this against them. The techniques of Ju-Jitsu gave rise to other martial arts such as Judo and Aikido and are thought to be the basis of many of the punches and kicks in Karate.

Ju-Jitsu relies on technique and flexibility of response rather than strength or brute force and is thus suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender or build. Students will, however, benefit from training in Ju-Jitsu and their fitness and strength will improve. For safety reasons, certain techniques are not taught to junior grades and children are not taught chokes and strangles


Location: Croughton Village Hall, High St, Croughton, Brackley NN13 5ND

Instructor: Sensei Ben Olding

Tuesday: 20:10-21:30
Price: £6 per lesson

First Lesson Free!

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