Bugei-Ki-Ryu Ju-Jitsu

Brackley Dojo


Whether you're contemplating taking up a martial art yourself or you are looking for something for your child to take part in, we hope the following frequently asked questions and answers will help you decide.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. No. Well, not much! Actually, Ju-Jitsu has one of the lowest injury rates of any martial art. It is not a competitive sport, like Judo or Taekwondo for example, and students train in a spirit of cooperation. Before students are taught any throws they are first taught how to breakfall safely.

Q. Do I have to learn Japanese?

A. No.We use some Japanese terminology. We refer to instructors as "Sensei" which means teacher and we train in a "Dojo" (training hall) but all the techniques taught are given English descriptions.

Q. Why do students bow to the sensei?

A. We bow to the sensei and to each other before we train as a sign of mutual respect and trust. It is not a sign of servitude.

Q. Do I have to be fit to take part?

A. Fit enough to run away! That may seem like the wrong answer, but Ju-Jitsu trains you in self-defence. If you are not fit enough to run away from a fight, you won't be fit enough to stay and fight. However, you don't have to be fit to start and as your training progresses, your fitness will improve. Students are encouraged to train at a pace which suits them.

Q. Do beginners "get thrown in at the deep end"?

A. No. Beginners, regardless of age or gender, are treated as guests in our home; that is, with respect and courtesy. Instructors always remember that they were beginners at one time.

Q. Do I need any special equipment?

A. All you need to train in is a Gi (pronounced Gee with a hard G). This is a white cotton suit like a karate suit, which you can buy through the club. Beginners can train in T shirts and shorts or tracksuit bottoms. All other equipment, such as kick pads, are provided by the club.

Q. How long will it take me to become a Black Belt?

A. You shouldn't be taking up a martial art with just this aim in mind. Your goal should be to improve your own standard and achieve whatever level of proficiency you can regardless of the colour of your belt. Progression through the syllabus of the club depends on a number of factors - your own ability, dedication and how often you train. BKR, as a matter of principle, does not award Black belts to juniors under the age of 13.

Q. Which is the best Martial Art?

A. All martial arts differ and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Pursuing the answer to this question is not very productive and the important thing is that you choose a martial art that you are comfortable with and which meets your needs. The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, when asked this question, answered "The mountain does not speak ill of the river because it is lowly nor does the river speak ill of the mountain because it does not move."


Classes are not yet up and running again after having been shut down for the covid-19 pandemic.

We hope to start classes again in future, but don't yet have a date. Follow the facebook page if you wish to be updated in future