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Training Syllabus
Grading Form
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White Belt

Mat etiquette
Basic exercises
Side break-falls
Breaking a back strangle (2)
Breaking a front strangle (2)
Hip throw
Recumbent ankle throw
Straight arm lock
Basic back stance, punches and kicks
Four flap break-fall
Shoulder lock

Yellow Belt

Hip throw with shoulder arm lock
Hip throw with cross over arm lock
Defence against kicks to the head whilst on the ground (inner and outer leg)
Three arm locks from a standing position
Reclining leg throw with strikes
Breaking three ground strangles
Wrist throw with lock
Reaction training
Shoulder arm lock

Orange Belt

First eight moves from kata
Rolling break falls
Body drop
Half shoulder
Leg throw with lock and strike
Attacking and defensive sweeping loin
Cross hock (right and left)
Inside hock with cross block
Hold down with double arm lock
Rice bail throw
Three wrist locks
Front snap kick
Side thrust kick
Stamp throw

Adults only

Bar chokes (2)
Drawing ankle
Scissors and naked choke hold

Green Belt

2 moves from kata
Dropping version of full shoulder (both sides)
Crab claw scissors
Two escapes when held over and under the arms (front and rear)
Five variations of shoulder throw - cross block; stamp; sweep; lapel; body drop (three for juniors)
Escape from full and half nelson
Front scissors throw
Downward, inside forearm block with punch
Two defences from a front kick (one for juniors)
Combination hip throw
Combination straight arm lock
Back hammer lock

Blue Belt

Stage 1

20 moves from kata
Loin/hip wheel
Six escapes from a head chancery (two front, four rear (left and right)
Breaking strangles and chokes on the ground (six)
Dropping version of a body drop with cross block
Indian death lock
Roundhouse kick to ribs from punch (both sides)
Any attack from behind

Adults only

Restraining hold from a head chancery
Counters to garroting (front and back)
Sleeper hold from a head chancery

Stage 2

Valley drop (both sides)
Three different blocks with the same blocking arm
Reaction training - two attackers, both sides
Spring hip throw
Scooping throws (front and back)
Roundhouse kick to solar plexus whilst walking (both sides)
Outside forearm block and elbow to ribs (both sides)
Left palm-heel block block to outside arm and punch to ribs
Two blocks with transitional hip throw
Six variations of holding down and revision
Back kick when held by both arms from behind

Purple Belt

Stage 1

Counter to straight arm lock (three)
Roundhouse kick to kidneys
Front kick followed by side kick
Wedge block
Winding throws (inner and outer)
Rear throw from a punch and attacking from rear
Outer hook throw
Side snap kick to kneecap using side of foot
Counter to a front kick (two)
30 moves from kata
Upward kick to kneecap using heel

Adults only

Shoulder wheel

Stage 2

Counter to back arm and collar hold (three)
Upward forearm block (both arms)
Full shoulder and reverse full shoulder
Head, hip and knee throw
Rolling ankle
Variations on leg sweeps (four)
Corner throw (both sides)
Spinning back kick from punch and on pad
Four shoulder dislocations
Side snap kick to knee, plexus and back of knee
Three step sparring
Four throws from a left punch (body drop; hip throw; half shoulder; cross hock

Brown Belt

Stage 1

Full kata (42 moves)
Outside palm-heel block with strike to side of neck
Leg wheel
Actions against three or more attackers
Back kick when held by both arms from behind
Roundhouse kick to solar plexus etc.
Arm and shoulder throw
Side thrust kick to kneecap then roundhouse kick to ribs
Dropping version of a reverse body drop
Roundhouse kick from ground

Stage 2

Five step sparring
Cross ankle throw (both variations)
Outer wheel
Variations on stomach throw
Several ways of throwing from behind
Palm heel knockout blow to chin
Attacking the back of the legs
Knife-hand to neck with kick to solar plexus (two opponents)
All one handed throws
Whip throw from knife attack and three other knife defences
Left, upward rising block with knife-hand to neck
Three different blocks with the same blocking arm


Classes are not yet up and running again after having been shut down for the covid-19 pandemic.

We hope to start classes again in future, but don't yet have a date. Follow the facebook page if you wish to be updated in future